2ml Micro-Centrifuge-Tubes With Snap Caps And Screw Caps

2ml Micro-Centrifuge Tubes with Snap Caps AND Screw Caps

2ml micro-centrifuge tubes are another kind of centrifuge tubes that are commonly used in the research laboratories, in addition to 15ml centrifuge tubes and 50ml centrifuge tubes, and 0.5ml micro tubes and 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes.

More sample volumes but need high centrifuge force? 15ml centrifuges and 50ml centrifuge tubes only have maximal centrifuge force up to 12,000 g. When need to precipitate DNA or RNA from ethanol or isopropanol higher centrifuge force to pallet nucleotides, 2ml microcentrifuge tubes with snap caps are the first choice. Most 2ml microcentrifuge tubes have centrifuge forces up to 30,000 g which enough forces nucleotides out of solutions.

Nest Biotechnology super clear 2ml micro-centrifuge tubes have centrifuge force 20,000 g, with safe-lock boiling proof snap caps. Nest Biotechnology also have a sterile 2ml micro-centrifuge tubes version.

We also carry colored 2ml centrifuge tubes, clear, red, green, yellow, blue, orange, purple (lavender), amber and assorted colors. These 2ml micro tubes from BioPlas are made proud in the USA.

2ml centrifuge tubes with screw caps are normally used for storage of samples in freezers. These freezer screw cap micro tubes are great for companies who sell laboratory kits.

Please also check our cost-effective microcentrifuge tube racks and boxes (plastic freezer boxes and cardboard boxes).

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