Greiner Flasks 690160 690170
Greiner Bio One Cell Culture Flask with red plug cap. These standard cell culture flasks are belonging to CellStar Category. It has...
ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) is probably the most widely used biochemical method in laboratory analysis and diagnostics. Analytes such as peptides, proteins,...
How to Choose Right Syringe Filter — Filter Membrane Materials How to choose right syringe filter is important for filtration. In this...
In this blog we talk about the chemical compatibility with syringe filters made of different materials.
2ml Micro-Centrifuge Tubes with Snap Caps AND Screw Caps 2ml micro-centrifuge tubes are another kind of centrifuge tubes that are commonly used...
Pasteur pipettes (also known as droppers or eye droppers) are normally used to transfer small quantities of liquids.
Did you experience that it is difficult to separate two similar sized DNA fragments on agarose gel? Do you know how to...
96 well microplate ELISA Assay BCA protein quantification. Please check detailed 96 well microplate parameters.

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